Sports in Purulia

Purulia district is popular for sports activities especially cricket. Children here are very interested in extra-curricular activities and it is extremely important for building up their confidence and for their overall well being. In the present digital age, all children end up spending hours in front of television sets and computer. Parents should encourage children to participate in a particular sport and it is not too expensive and would not pinch the purse.

Popular Sports in Purulia

Sports forms an integral part, for the overall development of an individual. A few decades ago only a handful of students were involved in playing games like hockey and cricket in Purulia city of West Bengal. Presently with a lot of emphasis on sports, from the end of the government, many more children are actively involves in sports and games here.

Sports in Purulia

Purulia has a number of grounds which hosts various games and sports activities. With the terrain conducive for adventure sports, associations are formed to train and encourage people in adventure sports. A number of tourists visit the district and actively participate in adventure sports. There are a number of coaching centers within Purulia and also nearby districts.

Sports Clubs in Purulia

Some of the prominent sports clubs in Purulia are as follows:

West Bengal Mountaineering and Adventure Sports Foundation

This association came into existence in the year 2006.The organization was established with the objective of encouraging mountaineering and adventure sports among youth in West Bengal. Purulia having the ideal topography for adventure sports receive a lot of tourists throughout the year for trekking and other adventure sports.

State Center for Training Bharat Scouts and Guides

Adra,has been recognized as the State Center for training Scouts and Guides in the whole of West Bengal. It has Engineering grounds and SERSA stadium where regular football and cricket matches are conducted.

List of Sports Coaching Centers in Purulia

Here are some famous sports centers in Purulia:

Name - Md Murtaza
Address - Morabadi, Ranchi - 834008
Contact Number - 9835121849
Coaching time - All day from 6:00 am - 6:00 pm

Name - Bhangra Subhas Club Football Ground
Address - Purulia, Jharia , Dhanbad

Name - Jharkhand Sports Academy
Address - Kutchery Road, Ranchi - 834001
Contact Number -  9431176800
Coaching time - All day from 6:00 am - 6:00 pm

Name - Wasim
Address - Kutchery Road, Ranchi - 834001
Contact Number - (0651) 2314663

Name - Anisur Rahman
Address - Hindpiri, Ranchi - 834001
Contact Number - (0651) 2530915
Coaching Days - All day working

Name - School Of Cricket
Address - Kutchery Road, Ranchi - 834001
Contact Number -  9431580449

Name - Rockmans
Address - Nr Delhi Public School, Ranchi GPO,
Ranchi - 834001
Contact Number - 9934163325

Name - Galaxy Cricket Academy
Address - Kutchery Road, Ranchi - 834001
Contact Number - 9835160334

Name - Kokar Cricket Coaching Center
Address - Kokar, Ranchi - 834001
Contact Number -  9835191941

Name - Ranchi Cricket Academy
Address - St Xaviers School Campus,
Doranda, Ranchi - 834002
Contact Number - 9431353900, 9835341700

Name - Hehal Cricket Academy
Address - Piska More, Ranchi – 834005
Contact Number - (0651) 2513580

Name - Tati Silwai Cricket Club
Address - Tatisilwai, Ranchi - 835103
Contact Number - 9835332702

So, enjoy various sports in this city to the fullest with the help of these clubs and coaching centers given above.
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