Industries in Purulia

Industries in PuruliaPurulia has a number of industries established across the length and breadth of the district. The region does not have conducive weather or soil for agriculture.

Hence the economy of the State to a large extent depends on industries for their income.

Industries are one of the main sources of livelihood for the natives of the district. The major industries established in the region are: steel, cement and the power sector.

The region saw a number of industries being established in the province since the year 2001; this was owing to the Industry policy of the government of West Bengal. A number of medium and small scale industries have also been established in the region like lac industry and sericulture.

List of Industries Established in Purulia

This is a comprehensive list of the major and minor industries that have been established in Purulia district:

Maithon Steel & Power Pvt. Ltd.
Locality - Bonra, Neturia
Capacity (In TPA) - 60,000

Maa Chhinnamastika Steel & Power
Locality - Madandihi, Neturia
Capacity (In TPA) - 90,000

Mark Steel Pvt. Ltd.
Locality - Jagannathdihi,
Capacity (In TPA) - 60,000

Vision Sponge Iron Pvt. Ltd.
Locality - Madhukunda, Santur
Capacity (In TPA) - 60,000

Raghuveer Steel & Power Ltd
Locality - Digha, Neturia
Capacity (In TPA) - 30,000

Bisco Sponge Iron Pvt. Ltd.
Locality - Berma, Balarampur
Capacity (In TPA) - 60,000

Bravo Sponge Iron Pvt. Ltd.
Locality - Rukni, Para
Capacity (In TPA) - 30,000

Damodar Ispat Pvt. Ltd.

Locality - Nabagram, Neturia
Capacity (In TPA) - 30,000

ASL Iron & Steel . Pvt. Ltd.

Locality - Dantia. Balarampur
Capacity (In TPA) - 60,000000

Vijaya Iron & Sponge Ispat Pvt.
Locality - Kourang, Arsha
Capacity (In TPA) - 30,000000

M/s Purulia Cement Pvt. Ltd
Locality - Shimulia, (Purulia)
Capacity - 1.26 lakh metric tones /annum

ISCO track sleeper Pvt. Ltd.
Locality - Anara
Capacity - 20,000 sleepers /month

Kushal Polysacks Pvt. Ltd
Locality - Jhalda
Capacity - 5000 mt tones. /annum

Purulia Packaging Ltd.

Locality - Jhalda
Capacity - 2400 mt./annum

M/s Manbhum Chemical Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd.

Locality - New Famine Road, Purulia
Chemical - Ferric Alum
Capacity - 56 tonnes

M/s Redichem Pigments Pvt. Ltd.
Locality - Vill. + P.O. Sankra, Purulia
Chemical - Synthetic Iron Red Oxide
Pigments for Floor, Semi Liquid Primers.
Capacity - 40 tonnes

Bizel Electrotec (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Locality - Wilcox Road, Purulia
Chemical - Storage Battery
Capacity - 14 tonnes

Saraogi Food Products Pvt. Ltd.
Locality - Telkalpara, Purulia
Food - Biscuits
Capacity - 100 tonnes

M/S Sri Annapurna Flour Mill

Locality - N.C. Dasgupta
Road, Telkalpara, Purulia
Food - Gram Flour
Capacity - 8 tonnes

Laxminarayan Food Products
Locality - N Barakar Road, Purulia
Food - Wholemeal Atta
Capacity - 17.60 tonnes

Saraf Food Products
Locality - Telkalpara, Purulia
Food - Soya Nuggets
Capacity - 03.13 tonnes

The major industries that contribute to the coffers of the State are Chemical, food and Iron Industry. These industries are the lifeline of the people of the district and their bread and butter comes from working in these factories. In the past few years, the investments the district received from the manufacturing sector has tripled and a number of industries are awaiting for further permission to set more factories.
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